Hola! My name is Yill Wehrenberg and I’m the owner of Luminosa Vida. Welcome to Luminosa Vida, a one-woman latina owned and operated small business based out of Austin. Luminosa Vida, meaning bright life, and is all about celebrating and empowering women.

Our purpose is to highlight the strength, beauty, and resilience that every woman possesses. The three-level flame in our logo represents the interconnectedness of people and community, as well as the different stages of an individual's journey.

The Creation of Luminosa Vida...

The creation of Luminosa Vida has been a personal journey of growth and embracing freedom after a divorce. It's a testament to the unbreakable spirit of women everywhere.

We understand that many women worldwide share similar stories of feeling voiceless and powerless. Through our candles, we aim to symbolize that a woman's voice is never truly gone by reminding you of bright life every time you light your Luminosa Vida.

At Luminosa Vida...

We value the earth, each other, and health and well-being. We stand for the goodness in the world and work to propel the rights of people that have been disenfranchised. We continue to fight for their equality around the world.

As a candle lover myself, I understand how important it is for candles to smell great and be non-toxic. Therefore, all our products are hand-poured, vegan, environmentally conscious, uniquely scented, and rooted in the importance of self-care and community.

Finally, we offer the opportunity to create your own perfect scent in the comfort of your own home. Nothing says luxury and class quite like personalized candles that match your taste and preferences. 

Gracias for choosing Luminosa Vida and I can’t wait to hear what you think!