Luminosa Vida means bright life. Our candles represent hope and light. 

You matter, you are worthy, powerful and beautiful! 

Each candle is hand poured, vegan, environmentally conscious, uniquely scented and rooted in the importance of self care and community. We donate a percentage of our proceeds to organizations that seek to empower and enrich women.

three women sitting and laughing in a flower field, jeans, leisurely

Our beliefs

In helping yourself, you are also helping others.

Being your best self and lighting the way for others in your community and beyond is how we all win. We make luxury candles with intention to help you relax and cultivate a space of peace, while disrupting big candle businesses that value quantity over quality and environment.

Our Values

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We believe in empowering women to embrace their true potential, creating an uplifting environment where they can flourish and inspire others. Our candles are crafted to ignite a sense of confidence and motivation, encouraging personal growth and inner strength.


Transparency is at the heart of our brand. We value open and authentic communication, ensuring that our customers have access to accurate information about our products and processes. With every Luminosa Vida candle, you can trust that what you see is what you get – pure, non-toxic ingredients and a commitment to integrity.


We honor diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our brand. We respect every individual's unique journey and provide a safe space for self-expression. Our candles are designed to create a calming ambiance that fosters harmony and acceptance, allowing everyone to feel valued and appreciated.


We are intentional in the crafting of our goods. We utilize a vegan blend of natural coconut wax. Our candles provide a clean and slow burn, creamy and luxurious texture, and a strong scent. They are natural, non-toxic, skin-safe, and pet friendly.